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May 19, 2024

This week Sovereign Syre and Ela Darling profile writer and icon, Elizabeth Wurtzel. A beautiful, young, Harvard graduate whose memoir Prozac Nation got her on the New York Times Bestseller List and made her an overnight celebrity. She also suffered from major depression and was one of the first people to be prescribed...

May 13, 2024

Roselyn “Rosie” Keo was the daughter of Cambodian refugees. When she was younger, her parents got caught up in gambling and nightlife, taking off for Atlantic City, leaving Rosie and her siblings to be raised by their elderly grandparents. She was a wild child, getting in fights, having bad boyfriends,...

May 6, 2024

It's the end of Season Two! We did it! This week we conclude our series on Ada Lovelace. 

In September 1843, Ada Lovelace published her paper on the Analytical Engine in Scientific Memoirs under the title "Sketch of the Analytical Engine, with Notes from the Translator.". Ada was 27 years old, an aristocratic, married...

Apr 29, 2024

 “Plot: A young wife is suddenly widowed. Left with four children. She is totally unskilled for the labor market, and deeply in debt. Her home and all she has are repossessed. However… she has one choice. She is the sole heir to a tremendous fortune. If she can deceive her dying father, and never let him know she is...

Apr 22, 2024

In today's episode, we discuss VC Andrews, a writer who created her own genre of fiction and scandalized a generation of young female readers. We cover Virginia's early life, her emergence as a writer, and the real life inspiration for her most famous novel, Flowers In The Attic. 

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