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Apr 29, 2024

 “Plot: A young wife is suddenly widowed. Left with four children. She is totally unskilled for the labor market, and deeply in debt. Her home and all she has are repossessed. However… she has one choice. She is the sole heir to a tremendous fortune. If she can deceive her dying father, and never let him know she is the mother of four children whom he would despise. “Four children are imprisoned in an upstairs room of a huge mansion. Their playground is the attic. The two older children are twelve and ten, named Christopher and Cathy. The younger two are twins, age three when they go to live upstairs.

“Without sunlight, Cory and Carrie cannot grow. Their lives become a virtual endurance test to outlive the dying grandfather, who stays always on the first floor, taken care of by a private duty nurse, and a staff of servants. “The years pass. The grandfather doesn’t die. The mother marries again and gradually drifts away from her children.” In her letter, Virginia emphasizes that the children’s grandmother considers them “the devil’s issue. Born out of unholy wedlock between half-niece and half-uncle. I call my novel, which is not truly fiction… FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC.”

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The Woman Beyond The Attic: The V.C. Andrews Story by Andrew Neiderman