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Apr 15, 2024

When one of the smartest women in England, Anne Isabella Milbanke, fell in love with the most scandalous, and handsome, creative genius of his time, Lord Byron, the fallout was nothing less than a national scandal. Their young daughter, Ada, was caught in the crossfire. Ada spent her early childhood being used as a bargaining chip in her parents divorce, and a bitter reminder to Anne Milbanke, of Lord Byron's many betrayals. Desperate not to have her daughter turn out like her drunken, whore of an ex-husband, Milbanke insisted on Ada having the most exclusive STEM education money could buy. While Ada still showed the libertine tendencies of her father, she was almost predestined to become the Mother of Computer Science. This week, we look at the turbulent childhood and rigid education that brought Ada Lovelace right up to the doorstep of technological innovation. 

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Script: Ela Darling

Hosts: Ela Darling & Sovereign Syre

Producer: Joshua Anderson



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