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Dec 18, 2023

In the third installment in our series on Calamity Jane, Sovereign Syre tells Ela Darling about the birth of Deadwood. Initially a settlement of a few storefronts and tents, in a period of a few months the town nestled in the Black Hills attracted close to ten thousand citizens. Far from a bustling metropolis, the town was full of outlaws with murders happening in the streets daily. Leaving town wasn't much easier; the recent victory at Little Big Horn had empowered the Native folks who were tired of the encroachments on their sacred hunting grounds, and death was just as likely on the road out of town. Not to mention the ubiquitous threat of road agents, ready to fleece any carriage found traveling alone. 

While Jane was cavorting with oulaws and getting arrested for Drunk and Disorderly on the regular, back East she was featured in one of the most famous dime store novel series of all time: Deadwood Dick.

And just like that, she became an overnight celebrity. 



Calamity Jane: The Woman and the Legend by James D. McLaird

The Autobiography of Calamity Jane by Herself

Lowdown on Calamity Jane by Dora Dufran

Assault on the Deadwood Stage: Road Agents and Shotgun Messengers by Robert K. DeArment


Script by Sovereign Syre

Hosted by Sovereign Syre & Ela Darling

Produced by Joshua Anderson



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