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Apr 29, 2024

 “Plot: A young wife is suddenly widowed. Left with four children. She is totally unskilled for the labor market, and deeply in debt. Her home and all she has are repossessed. However… she has one choice. She is the sole heir to a tremendous fortune. If she can deceive her dying father, and never let him know she is...

Apr 22, 2024

In today's episode, we discuss VC Andrews, a writer who created her own genre of fiction and scandalized a generation of young female readers. We cover Virginia's early life, her emergence as a writer, and the real life inspiration for her most famous novel, Flowers In The Attic. 

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Apr 15, 2024

When one of the smartest women in England, Anne Isabella Milbanke, fell in love with the most scandalous, and handsome, creative genius of his time, Lord Byron, the fallout was nothing less than a national scandal. Their young daughter, Ada, was caught in the crossfire. Ada spent her early childhood being used as...

Apr 8, 2024

In the conclusion of our series on Misery Lit and Literary Fraud, we discuss two more famous cases of fabricated memoir and what our conspicuous consumption of trauma porn tells us about ourselves and the cultural narratives around female suffering. 

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Apr 1, 2024

On a very special episode of ILL REPUTE! we interview Ret. Constable Tom Wood of Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1983, Constable Wood was called to investigate the murder of Sheila Anderson, a local sex worker. During his investigation, he came to understand that the sex industry had changed, and so did the way they needed...